Star Wars Legion

Shore Troopers

"Selected for rotational duty from exceptional Stormtrooper squads, Imperial Shoretroopers are trained not only in tropical environment operations, but also in entrenched warfare. Often assigned to important bases such as the Imperial security facility on Scarif, Shoretroopers use their expertise and equipment to counter Rebel ambushes and ensure Imperial secrets remain safe." - Fantasy Flight Games

Paint Scheme:

army painter skeleton bone primer entire model (all armor)
citadel steel legion drab pants (cotton fabric)
army painter oak brown boots, belt, and slings (leather)
vallejo game color black for joints on elbow, gloves, and above shoulder (under armor skin)
vallejo game color black for eye lens and strip above eyes (helmet lens)
vallejo game color black for weapons
army painter monster brown for magazine pouches (pouches are different fabric from belt)
army painter dragon red for right tricep (unit identifier paints entire right tricep)
citadel skavenblight dinge over cape, then very watery army painter monster brown, then nuln oil (cape cotton fabric was originally black, but now looks worn with brown blended in)
citadel skavenblight dinge over lower center of helmet, then nuln oil to make it very dark (respirator on center of mask should be black and grey)
Citadel Agrax Earthshade over entire model (except where you used nuln oil)