House Grammaticus


Established in the early 37 the millennium, our warrant was issued to Lord Enoch Grammatticus. Most of the records have since been lost, but it is known they served in the imperial guard, and worked up the ranks as an officer to the logistics corps. He would be one of a handful of officers who would eventually be awarded a warrant after several successful campaigns against traitor planets in the Segmentum Obscurus.

The house fortune was at it’s peak in the 39 th millenium, supporting 3 cruisers and multiple freighters, supporting crusades in the Segmentum Ultima. Over the course of hundreds of years, the family coffers would dwindle as the house began ferrying supplies through the Damocles Gulf, and later helping returning troops move back to support the fight against the Tyranids. Their last capital ship was lost in the defense of a sparsely populated Imperial world in T’au territory. Imperial troops had been abandoned, and the Rogue Trader had sent most of his own armsmen and family to the surface once he saw that the ENEMY had entered the system. An attacking T’au ground force ensured Gus they would take in all of the humans on surface and protect them, but they wouldn’t be able to stop the ENEMY ships. Without enough time to evacuate the planet, Gus Grammaticus allowed most of his crew flee to the surface and used his vessel to ram the enemy ships and self destruct while T’au ships where still on their way. This left what was left on the House stranded with no hope to return to Imperial Space.

House Grammaticus would become the head of planetary government on Saiphan Prime, with their support from the T’au water caste. The numerous voidsmen and bondsmen still

Once the T’au had identified an Imperial Ship near their border a drift, they reached out to House Grammaticus to help them take it. House Grammaticus had long been supplying Void Marines and Voidsmen to the T’au Navy. A deal was worked out to rescue the crew of the ship, and bring them to the greater good, while House Grammaticus would get the ship under a set of terms that would be finalized if the ship could be returned to service.


James Grammaticus

Inheritor of the remnants of the previously illustrious House Grammaticus, James is the first of his family to leave Saiphan after being stranded a century ago. In a desperate trade with xenos allies, he is able begin his quest into the void with a captured ship and a untested crew.

Portrayed by Artel "W" Miniatures The Chastener 2.0, with a head from Games Workshop's Freeguild Handgunners, an heirloom plasma pistol used from Van Saar Gang, and a captured Xenos Hyperphase Sword.


Eldar outcast who has through an agreement with the T’au finds herself as an aid to the Rogue Trader's Expedition. Acts as a guide to navigate space, and as wise ambassador for diplomacy.

Solomon Kaine

A former soldier of an inquisitor's retinue, Solomon had found himself decades ago in the service of House Grammaticus. Despite chemical rejuvination treatment he finds himself no longer fighting from the front, but serving now as an aid with a wealth of knowledge to share with those who will listen.

Caldirus Sidexus

Navigator of the Fortis Lux, he is still recovering from being left in the void in a derelict vessel. Not truly trusting of the rest of his party, but knowing there is no other alternative but to aid them in their expeditions.

Friar Wagner

A spiritual guide that is well versed not only in the teachings of the Imperial Cult, he has been able to study the former Imperial Truth, the teachings of the Omnissiah, and those of the Greater Good to be able to share convincing references so as to be the glue to keep many factions in his flock amicable with one another. He is also well known for having a still, and a literal flock of animals on or off ship so he can always supply fresh ingredients for meals.

Conan Albanus

A passionate archeologian and fervent believer in the imperial truth, Conan is always at odds with the rest of the party. Far too confidant in their being a higher plan for him, and constantly risking his life only to have others guard it for him.

Chief Warrant Officer Miles Blackwood

Veteran of numerous cruises with the T'au Kor'vattra, the Chief Warrant Officer was given the opportunity to continue to serve no longer as a Gue'vesa but now as the senior officer aboard the Rogue Trader's Cruiser.

Colonel Baden-Powell

Commander of the Saiphan Expeditionary Regiment, and veteran of numerous skirmishes throughout the Damocles Gulf. He is the most senior officer of the guard still willing to leave Saiphan Prime. Often seen in the retinue of the Rogue Trader, he relies on his Captain to execute his orders.




Paint scheme

primer white

Coat - Army Painter Desert Yellow, Agrax Earthshade,

Coat Trim - Steel Legion Drab, Nuln Oil

Forearm wraps - flayed one flesh

gloves - skavenblight Dinge

Pants - Army Painter Monster Brown w/ Agrax Earthshade

Skin – Army Painter Tanned Flesh , reikland fleshshade, edge highlight army painter Barbarian Flesh

Tool Box Mephiston Red, White, Black

Tools: Handle: Electric Blue, Black, air lead belcher edges


Jimmy's Squad

Veterans of numerous boarding actions after working as mercenaries for the T'au Kor'vattra havr given Jimmy and his troops a reputation as the best void warriors on the Eastern edge of the Damocles Gulf. Custom XV-15 battle suits, pulse carbines, and breaching equipment enable them to quickly seize or destroy targets in the void.


The tens of thousands of crewmen that are the lifeblood of imperial vessels, these are descendants of the planet Saiphan Prime. Many highly trained technicians that have served the earth and waster caste fill their ranks, but there are even more drafted laborers that are on their first expedition into the void.



Incredibly rare creatures that were brought to Saiphan by House Grammaticus, they are still very few in number. The ones that still exist are a massive mastiff breed, trained to help hunt game.

Frontier Servitors

Using salvaged Kastellan Robots, T'au supplied battle suit components, and drone technology, a small number of massive servitors were built to carry what would normally be towed weapons into battle. Also wielding massive limbs and cutting implements, they are crucial to helping the Rogue Trader break through dense vegetation on unexplored planets.


Dauntless-class Light Cruiser "Fortis Lux"

Orbital Connector "John W. Brown"

Planned orbital connector for embarking and deploying a motorized company from Imperial ships.

Hover Truck

The Rogue Trader's personal truck, using a Goliath Frame on a T'au powerplant. It's less far conspicuous than flaunting a T'au hammerhead, while far more accessible than trying to get Adeptus Astartes hover technology into a similar platform. It gives a roomy cabin for a small party to conduct meetings, or execute a hasty get away.

Parts Schedule:
Genestealer Goliath Truck
T'au Piranha Engines


Saiphan Prime

A sparse set of farming and fishing communities were all that populated Saiphan Prime for hundreds of years. The system was originally found by the Adeptus Mechanicus, but was never properly cataloged and it's likely all records were lost. It was later populated by raiders attempting to escape a growing imperium. During the Damocles Gulf Crusade, an Imperial Garrison of Brimlock Dragoons was installed.

The House Grammaticus would eventually consolidate planetary power at the city of Anthorn. An ancient stone fortress there that would be rebuilt as a citadel for House Grammaticus. The Imperial garrison would make their way to the new capitol. Years would be spent uniting the communities across the planet under the new government. Much later, with support from the T’au earth Caste, the town of Anthorn would be transformed into a city brick streets and masonry structures. A far reach from a hive world, but this was a massive step up from being the massive forest it had once been.